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Screen width & Detect Safari browser in Javascript

////// get screen width ////////
var scr = screen.width;

////// detect user safari browser ////////
var browser = navigator.userAgent;
if (browser.toLowerCase().indexOf(‘safari’) > 0){
//detect browser


Web design tools and resources

Recently i found very large collection of links related to website creation.

  • Javascript
  • jQuery Essential & Specialized Widgets
  • jQuery “Extensions”
  • PHP/MySQL tools
  • Flash Components
  • Miscellaneous Tools (IETester, Spam protection tool, Create Facicons tool)
  • Web Development BookmarkletsSite
  • Grid Design
  • Content Generators (Lipsum, Preloader Graphics, Background maker)
  • Pixel Icons
  • PNG Support in IE (CSS Only)
  • Vector Icons
  • Backgrounds & Styles
  • Hosting
  • Browser Compatibility
  • CSS & HTML Techniques
  • Typography
  • Firefox Extensions
  • Essential Mac Software
  • SEO / Site Evaluation
  • Domain Searches
  • Analytics, Monitoring & Testing
  • Cheat Sheets (Web Technologies)

    Hope you find this list useful too    LIST HERE

Multiple Fancy File Uploaders

Have you ever want to upload multiple files at once, or see file upload progress, or style your upload elements, or control filetypes before upload ? Today i want to suggest you a collection of file uploaders ready to use in your web projects.

FancyUpload Multiple file Uploaders
They divided into 2 groups: uploaders not using flash & uploaders using flash

Solutions without flash

1. Ajax upload

ajaxupload Multiple file Uploaders

Very nice tool, flash-free. You can customize it as you want, also you can use drag&drop files on input
Works in: IE6/7, FF2/3, Safari, Chrome, Opera.
Has different versions for jQuery, Prototype, plus has independent version.

2. jQuery Multiple File Upload Plugin

jQuery Multiple File Upload Multiple file Uploaders

Has many features, like using different validations, limit max files for upload, use different icons for different file types

3. Ext.ux.FileTreePanel (Ext.JS extension)

FileTreePanel Multiple file Uploaders


4. noswfupload

noswfupload Multiple file Uploaders

Multiple files upload without SWF objects, applets Java, or other third parts plug-ins, 100% browser and W3 compatibility thanks to graceful enhancement, no extra libraries dependency


Solutions using flash

1. SWF Upload

swfupload Multiple file Uploaders

Popular solution, allows to customize all upload elements using XHTML & CSS, shows only file types you choose, has js callback function to every event.

2. uploadify

uploadify Multiple file Uploaders

Has not so many features, as SWFUpload, but it uses jQuery 🙂

3. FancyUpload

FancyUpload Multiple file Uploaders

FancyUpload – fully customizable uploader with progress bar. Require MooTools.

4. Yahoo File Upload

Yahoo File Upload Multiple file Uploaders