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Facebook psd complete kit items

Since it began the era Facebook , surely you have found in having to design applications, interfacez or anything else for Facebook , those SurgeWorks Developed we throw this cable kit for Smashing Magazine full of all elements, psd fully configurable as we want and download free.

Forward with the project more quickly, now you have everything you need, window header, menu, modal components, comment boxes, button, message box, tabs, etc!

Elementos facebook gui psd


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6 ways to be found on Facebook

Facebook has more than 400 million active users, which is why it makes sense to learn touse Facebook for marketing your business and make the business pages have themaximum visibility possible, then I detail some points to consider :6 maneras para ser encontrado en Facebook

  1. Use a picture to communicate with your fans about who you are and you offer. You can use the logo of your company but also add other useful information (slogan, business hours, current promotion …)
  2. Choose a name for your page that your customers can identify, using the name of your business and if necessary add the city or area where you offer your services or distribute your products.
  3. Customize the URL of your page. You can set this parameter to / username (for both your personal profile to your company website)
  4. Provides information about your company your followers also worry that this information is complete and contain useful keywords for the page position in search engines .Example Green Sheep
  5. Customize your page: the best way is with FBML (Facebook Markup Language), this allows you to create your own lashes with multiple functions, inviting users to become fans, find information on your branch, offering exclusive promotions for fans. The potential of Facebook is to get the loyalty of your users and also themselves be your business
  6. Works for your users to find, use all means at your disposal , Facebook put a link to your corporate website in your email signature, in your offline communications, etc..


Web designer says he owns 84% of Facebook

Paul Ceglie, web designer, presented in New York City where he states that a claim was an agreement signed with the network founder, Mark Zuckerberg, who accused of being the majority owner of Facebook. The judge overseeing the case, ordered not to sell shares of the company until the lawsuit is resolved. According to information published by The Wall Street Journal , the designer, in 2003 arranged with Zuckerberg’s Facebook page design in exchange for $ 1,000 and 50% interest in the product.