Useful handles in Magento

Some useful layout handles in Magento—the identifiers which allow you to single out a particular page or section of your Magento store are as follows:

XML handle  Page it identifies in Magento  XML layout file the XML handle is referenced in 
catalog_category_default  The default view for a category of products.  catalog.xml 
customer_account  The customer account page, shown when a customer is logged in to their account on your store.  customer.xml 
catalog_product_view  The product page view (that is, a page which displays an individual product).  catalog.xml 
cms_page  Pages created with Magento’s content management system.  cms.xml 
checkout_cart_index  The checkout’s ‘index’ (that is, default) view  checkout.xml 
cms_index_defaultnoroute  The default error page for the 404 ‘not found’ error  cms.xml 
cms_index_defaultindex  The homepage of your Magento store  cms.xml 
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