Keywords drill-down with Google Analytics

Thanks to a recent post published by Chris Brogan , I discoveredSean Howard a new author who writes about Google Analytics in particular I found some of his videos on Youtube;

This embed below that explains how to create a custom report in Google Analytics to get some more insight into the behavior of users when they arrive through organic search. The point is that the standard reports on the Keywords at our disposal allows us to immediately associate with the research / the landing page where visitors come and check the quality in terms of being able to meet the needs of the user who made the research. In fact, if we stop to analyze as the only metric associated with the single bounce kwyword risk not understand if you went away satisfied without continuing to surf (= 100% bounce rate) because it has found all the information he was looking for or had to keep looking for that information browsing other pages of our site or Blog.
In other words: not always a high bounce rate indicates a poor quality of the entry page, so it can be misleading limited to the top landing pages, sorted by bounce rate.
But if we create a custom report by including metrics such as:

  • Visits
  • Pages per visit
  • Average time on site
  • Bounce Rate

and in size:

  • Keywords
  • Pages

For more information :

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