The Power of Social Bookmarking Tools

A good way to get a lot of free web traffic for your website or blog is to integrate social bookmarking sharing tools. Allowing your visitors to easily share your content is a great form of free viral marketing for your website!

If you have a blog or a website, getting free web traffic is probably one of your main goals. Social networking has brought about a very effective form of viral marketing, and is a great way for you to bring in more free web traffic to your site!

Social bookmarking sites are also a very good way for your readers to share your information with their friends. A good thing to do is to integrate social bookmarking with your own website. This way, your visitors can easily share your content and in turn, this will bring you a lot of free web traffic.

Here is a list of some social bookmarking websites. Check them out and integrate the ones that you like with your blog or website! – is currently the most used social bookmarking application.

Digg – Digg is a tech and news website that combines social bookmarking, blogging and RSS. It’s a good way for the smaller, less popular sites to get a good following. – BlogMarks is a social bookmarking site with thumbnails. It resembles StumbleUpon.

LQ Bookmarks – LQ Bookmarks is a social bookmarking site which allows its users to tag and annotate all things Linux and Open Source. – is a social bookmarking site that aims to help it’s users by categorizing it’s sites by geographical location.

Frassle – Frassle helps its readers to find and publish weblogs, track bookmarks, and find relevant content organized in your own way.

Linkroll – Linkroll is a free link blogging service.

Reddit – Reddit is a social bookmarking site where your votes affect karma points.

StumbleUpon – StumbleUpon is a bookmarking site which allows you to browse or “stumble” to different sites based on your interests.

Being an active member of these communities will also bring you a lot of free web traffic. If you are a valuable member who leaves good, relevant comments, people will want to visit your site.

Editor’s Note:  Sexy Bookmarks is an awesome WordPress plug in that allows you to choose which social bookmarking sites you’d like your readers to share your content.

About the Author:

Ayan is a full-time student of Economics in Concordia University. He’s a part-time net-entrepreneur who is still practising and understanding how to make money online.  You can read his blogs at:

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