7 Tips for Earning More With Your Blog

Frank 'N' CheckBlog Engage Blog Forum and Blogging Community, Free Blog Submissions and Blog Traffic, Blog Directory, Article Submissions, Blog TrafficNot too long ago, a guy contacted me asking me how he could make money with his blog.  He needed some answers.  He asked,

Is it really true that you can make money blogging and if so, how much can a person expect to make and how long would it take?

I had to be honest with him. While yes, you can make money with your blog, it certainly doesn’t happen overnight, a week or in months for some people.  There was no way I could give him an accurate prediction, and even though it was an opportunity to gain a new paying client, I refused to candy coat the situation.

Regardless of what others might do to earn money, I refuse to steer someone wrong solely to make money.  I don’t condone any quick money programs – because now that I know what really goes into blogging, I know that for the average person, those programs are bound to fail.

How do I know?  Because I’ve been there and done that – spent it and lost it and I refuse to be the cause of someone else doing the same.

What I did tell the gentlemen, was that if the focus of the blog was on producing quality content, information, or products that provided solutions, then yes, it is possible to earn money from your blog.  But earning the money can’t be the sole focus.

I also told him, that depending on quickly his blog grew, which there is no set time frame – he could begin monetizing his blog with ads, affiliate links of reputable products and also by creating quality products such as e-books, and by offering his services for the things he already does well.

Offering your services to your audience has the greatest potential for generating income. If you’re good at what you do, even if you offer tutorials, some people would rather just pay you to do it for them.  That’s because everybody can’t do what you do and do it well.

I’ve learned that lots of people hate writing, so I offer my services to them so that they can continue to publish fresh content on their sites.  For the people who don’t mind writing, but need someone to go behind them and polish it for them, I offer editing and proofreading services.  Then there are the people who want a blog, but don’t have a clue how to get started, I help them by doing that for them as well.

So how can you take what you already know how to do well and start earning more with your blog?

Here’s some tips:

1. Create a “Hire Me” page for your blog that outlines and explains the type of services you provide.

Based on your experience and level of expertise in the field of your choice you could offer services that range from freelance blogging or copywriting, editing/proofreading, design, consultancy, photography, really… anything that logically relates to your blogging niche.

2. Include a form that let’s potential clients contact you for a quote. Or you may include prices on this page – however, if you’d prefer to negotiate prices on an individualized basis, I suggest omitting figures.

3. Make sure a link to the “Hire Me” page is visible within the top fold of your blog for easy viewing.

4. Promote your services by writing a blog post that presents the benefits of your services. Will your services save time? Make life easier for your clients? How will your services compare to what others are doing?

Be sure to tweet and share this post on all social networks that you’re active on.

5. Promote your services further with a giveaway. Give away samples or provide services for free to one or more winners in exchange for permission to include them in your portfolio, list of satisfied customers or testimonials.

If you don’t like organizing giveaways or contests, you could also sponsor a contest on another blog with your services.

6. Contact a few of your blogger friends and have them write a review of your services on their blog or include you in a list of recommended services or products.

7. Start locally, network among your friends or contact a few people in your area who could benefit from your services.  Hand out some business cards and offer discount services in exchange for referrals.  If you do a good job, word will spread fast.

These are just a few tips. If you’re creative, there are no limits to what you can do to create your own job opportunities and earn more with your blog.

What services could you start offering today?  What other tips could we add here?

For more guidance, check out our latest post series:  Get Paid To Blog: Freelance Blogging Series.


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