Why i prefer Firefox over Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer, one of the most used internet browser , but why ?
its all due to Microsofts Windows operating systems . Internet Explorer comes inbuilt with all operating systems provided by Microsoft. This is my its so popular that many people even doesnt know that there are few other browser exists. and many of the general public think that internet means opening the Internet Explorer and typing the website name and start surfing !!.(Check out my trick to increase the browsing speed of internet Explorer)

But now a days one browser is challenging the Microsoft. its Mozilla Inc.’s Firefox.
Firefox is one of the best Browser made ever, it has many features with super security and high flexibility.Firefox was the browser for Linux, but now it is being used in almost all OS.

Now Microsoft is coping the Firefox like styling for example Tabbed Browsing, Warning before closing the browser, etc.

Some of the best features of Firefox are listed below

1.Themes – Firefox do provide huge theme collection to make our browser as per our mood.
2.Security – Firefox warns users when ever there are few risks in connection like no encryption in ssl pages etc.
3.Plug-in support – Plug-In support is one of the best feature of Firefox which makes it better that Internet explorer. You can download and install the plug-ins in your firefox browser to make it work as your needs.
4.Tabbed browsing – In Internet explorer when ever you open a new site in new window, it creates a problem, it clutter up the taskbar. but in Firefox no need to open new window, everything is tabbed, i.t one Window but multiple site browsing.(Microsoft is using this feature in there new IE7)
5.Faster browsing – Firefox’s cache system is very powerfull, it stores many frequently using sites cache so that next time when you open the site , it will load quicker.

There are many such features , but i listed few (If you thing i missed something important please inform me , do comment here).
Also check out my thoughts about the Firefox 3

I highly recommend your to download the Firefox and start using it.

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