Just a new address, but the same location

Have you noticed the new URL of my blog ? Yes, Its new. Recently I decided to change the URL of the blog but its on same location and its the same blog. The old URL thechetan.com is now 301 redirected to the new address chetangole.com/blog/. All posts, pages, everything is moved. Rather than saying ‘moved’ its just renamed because the actual server location is still the same, I just changed the address i.e. URL.

All older links are automatically redirected to the respective new link address, thanks to .htaccess file and its rules, and off-course the simplicity of WordPress helped me here.

Its really a very risky task for blogger having domain with Google Pagerank of 6 and now I changed the domain itself. Its a big experiment that I am doing with myself, lets see what will be the result. Now I will have to ‘request for change address’ at many places including dmoz.org, etc.

I also did few minor css change in blog design, about me page is also changed, new contact form added, new logo, twitter stream is also added to the blog. I am also planning for few more changes in posting style and planning to change & add few more categories.

Meanwhile if you face any problem or come across any bug, please let me know about it. Also it is the request to you all, to kindly update your bookmarks and if you are linking to the old domain i.e. thechetan.com please change it to chetangole.com/blog/.

1. I am still working on editing various non hosted things like feedburner feeds.

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