How to get answers for free from Expert-Exchange

Whenever we stuck to some questions we just search for it on Google. Google is best way to get answers to our (sometimes stupid) questions. But few online forums sometimes ask for registration like , or So are you interested in paying for the answer ?? I hope you will never pay. So here is the trick to get the answers from such websites for free and without registration.

This trick will apply to most of the sites where you will need to sign-up to view the posts.

1. You came across such forum link but the forum is asking for the registration.
2. Just search for the term in Google so that you will get the Google link for the specific forum thread.
3. Check for the cached link near to Google search result and click it. hacked
4. Scroll down to the end of the page, and here you will get the answers for free.

In this way you can get the answers from for free without paying a penny and without registration. I repeat, you can get answers from other such website which ask for registration.

Actually what they do is, they show different content to Google search bot, which includes the answers and hence the Google have the threads with answers to question, and we are just retrieving the answers from Google cache.

Note : Thanks to Google Engineer Matt Cutts for the solution via his video on YouTube.

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