Google to fight with Microsoft with there new OS : Google Chrome.

google-chrome-operatingsystem Few months ago Google launched the web browser called “Google Chrome. This browser was competition for worlds best and most used browser Mozilla Firefox. Now Google is planning to compete with the software giant Microsoft with there new operating system named “Google chrome”.

The Google’s Chrome OS will be Open source and will be available for Free of cost. Google Chrome OS will be available for consumers in the second half of 2010.

As recently Microsoft launched Bing to complete with Google, now i thing Google is planning to enter into the Microsoft’s arena of operating system. Google Android OS was built on Linux kernel and was specially developed for Mobile handsets, set top boxes and even notebooks. Now according to Google, the Chrome OS is totally different project.

According to post at Official Google blog, The main aim behind developing this operating system is to give very fast access to internet applications to users. Like if user wants to access his email then user has to start the PC and wait for boot up process, etc etc. This OS will have minimum bootup time and will give fastest access to user.

Microsoft is announcing high class operating system like Windows Vista, Windows 7 one after another, they need very high system requirements. So now i think Microsoft must rethink about removing Windows XP from market. May be they will have to relaunch the Windows XP !!

To read more you can read these official blog posts :
Introducing the Google Chrome OS : Official Google Blog
Google Chrome OS – FAQ : Official Chrome Blog

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