elSelect – customizable SELECT element

elSelect is a great tool that allows you to visually change look and feel of usual select, keeping its functionality.

Click on screenshot to see it in action. Example will appear in a new window because it uses MooTools library which conflicts with the Prototype library used at this site. And “mootools is not trying to be conflict free” ( more info – http://forum.mootools.net/viewtopic.php?id=1964#post-9356 )

elselect elSelect   customizable SELECT element.

Why i did it? Well, you all know that select element and IE have problems.
They are :

  • SELECT ignore z-index and will display over any other position element (fixed in IE7) ,
  • disabled property for OPTION tag do not work in IE
  • you cant change look of standard SELECT using CSS

This class successfully solve all problems, but elSelect is still in development……

Future Enhancements(Hopefully)

  • Create a select from an array instead of select element.
  • Add functions to dynamically add / remove rows.
  • Options sorting

elSelect is made with MooTools Framework.

for more information click here

Here goes example and download link.

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